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Look what I did.

Dear Friends of Charleston,

       I find it rather tragic that you feel so angsty towards me. MY PANTS! Doesn't anyone remember? Why must you take things so seriously. Did anyone take notice to the post note? "PS- I wrote this when I was angry. I am not angry anymore." Uhhh yeah. What was the majority of the note? A story about Steve Hit Mike and yes me and Ashton are still friends and I GET A STEVE HIT MIKE SHIRT BEAT THAT. So anyway, kids, kids. What is up with this letter/ package? Uh huh.

      Please, allow me to explain myself. I was feeling sad. I was feeling lonely. It was Christmas break. I was like blah blah let's cut up some pants blah blah I am angsty blah blah. Okay? I adore those pants. But I was upset that very few people were returning my calls, letters, e-mails. Okay I never sent letters. Everyone has my number. I love the phone. And to talk on it. I was sad. I want to keep in touch. For the sake of keeping in touch. For the sake of you kids. Yes you I love you kids. I was sad that no one was bothering to keep in touch with me. Heartbreaking. And when we did talk this was what I got: "Gosh [so and so] is so annoying." or something lame about "OMG IT'S LEIK SO BORING."

      It has been a strange week for me. Mostly I blame... Ian. I feel like I have changed. A lot. So if I have, my apologies. But what you are doing, sending me stupid letters (Cayla writing them? I didn't say jack about Cayla anywhere.) and returning my things. It is immature. Okay? Okay. I mean. Look at you, lousy friends to begin with. When I was sad, who comforted me? NO ONE. This is what I got: "You're annoying, be happy." What was I, entertainment? Just shut up. Already.

       Here is the thing: I am very happy I moved to Athens. I think that all that I said was kind of asshole-ish and like "LOOK AT ME I HAVE FRIENDS AND YOU SUCK." I'm sorry, that was kind of retarded. I promise not to do that anymore. But it is just as bad when you talk about inside jokes with me and I don't get them. I do miss having a posse. Yes. But I am so happy. And I know that I would have been miserable were I still in Chucktown.

       So the moral of this story is: yes I am happy yes I love my new life yes I miss my old life yes I miss the (lame) band. But. If I had to measure. I prefer Athens. And I am sorry. For everything. For your time. For my time. If you want to give up, then give up already. It is making me sad. It is making me angry. I would love to stay in contact with you. But if you are going to be like this, then more idiotic letters with cut up pants are sure to come. Or maybe just stop coming completely. I'll just not tell you when I am in Charleston. I'll just forget you. It is so easy.

All of my sincerest apologies,
I still love you kids yeah what now? i said love get over it,
but make a decision already. Can you handle that?


what is wrong with them? I sent one letter. What a bunch of fuckups. I hate them so bad.

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