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[Name]: ella grace!
[Spell your name backwards]: ecarg alle
[Birthdate]: november 22nd
[Birthplace]: athens, ga
[Current Location]: athens, ga
[Occupation(s)]: heartbreaker, revolution starter, record store fiend
[Eye Color]: gray
[Hair Color]: RED and slowly turning blonde?
[Righty or Lefty]: rizzighty
[Zodiac Sign]: oohh sagitarrius ohh!
[Innie or Outtie]: innie, boo
[Describe yourself in 4 words]: fun badass candy "outsane"
[Who is your worst enemy?]: i have no enemies, i love everyone, and they love me.
[If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?]: monkey, duh... or penguin
[What is the latest you've ever stayed up]: i guess the "latest" must have been 8:00....
[Ever been to Belgium?]: yes, that is the most random question ever. i love belgium.
[What's your favorite coin?]: what ISN'T my favorite coin

[Wallet]: NSYNC
[Jewelery worn daily]: my orange watch. has never left my side.
[Sunglasses]: Horatio Cane.
[Favorite shirt]: ohh tough... the Georgia one or the bowling one... or the elvis one...
[Favorite pants]: pants? wha?
[Favorite shoes]: the crazy white may janes with comic strips on them. made out of plastic, only $15
[Cologne/Perfume]: curious by britney spears... ew jk... i bet that shit is nastay.
[CD in stereo right now]: playing: Blood Brothers - Burn, Piano Island, Burn... in stereo: M.I.A. - Arular. in headphones: Aqueduct - I Sold Gold. in other stereo: Denali - The Instinct
[Tattoos]: I AM XCORE that's what my tat says
[Piercings]: umm fake lip piercing?
[Makeup]: my face turns into sludge (true) when i put on makeup.
[Do you like candles]: ohh i love them.
[Do you like hot wax]: zac and i have much fun with them.
[Do you like incense]: ahh it stanks up the whole damn church.
[Fetishes]: hahahahaha candy fetish? asian fetish? i wish....
[Do you like sex]: who doesn't
[Do you believe in love]: but of course
[Do you believe in soulmates]: okay
[Do you believe in love at first sight]: sure why not.
[Do you believe in forgiveness]: for stealing candy, yes. for murdering your crack-cocaine dealing love child, no.
[Your fears]: vomit, rats, guns no more!
[One thing you'd like to achieve]: a billion dollars
[Your most overused phrase on aim]: haha (that's a phrase...)
[The first feature you notice in the opposite sex]: hair, height, eyebrows, teeth
[Your best physical feature]: um my chin.
[Sing well]: very well, ala Maura Davis.
[Want to go to college]: sure
[Like high school]: it should be fun
[Been on stage]: quite the oft
[Been trashed or extremely intoxicated]: not really... i hate getting drunk, but i love drinking. alden wants to get drunk at the next dance.
[Been called a tease]: yes yes i have, actually!
[Best eye color]: deeeeep brown on boys... but actually violet is the best.
[Best first kiss location]: first... kiss?
[Number of guys ive kissed]: 0

[four beverages you drink frequently]
1. coke
2. coffee
3. kahlua
4. milkshakes

[five tv shows you liked when you were a little kid]
1. clarissa explains it all
2. pete and pete
3. alex mack
4. guiding light
5. as the world turns

[four places to go in your area]
1. 40 watt
2. wuxtry
3. the grille
4. basically anywhere downtown

[four things to do when you're bored]
1. use 'the online'
2. draw stupid things
3. write novels
4. mess with photoshop

[four things that never fail to cheer you up]
1. candy
2. winston
3. bikes
4. really good music

[four things you can't live without]
1. people
2. music
3. candy
4. photography

[seven things you love]
1. music
2. candy
3. friends
4. rainbows
5. trips
7. frisbee

[seven things you dislike]
1. when computer is slow
2. when there are no batteries for camera
3. when lights are fucked up
4. mary
5. getting in trouble
6. no hand sanitizer
7. bad hair

[seven things on your desk]
1. hand sanitizer
2. permanent markers
3. ginger ale
4. vietnam term paper
5. box of safety pins
6. a hamburger video game things
7. camera

[seven facts about you]
1. i am ella grace
2. i am badass
3. i am a music conoisseur
4. i have many friends
5. i have had the same bike for 5 years
6. i am sooo stylish like soooo stylish.
7. i am taoist

[7 artists/bands/people should give a listen to] (LOL OHGOD. This persons:)
1. denali
2. aqueduct
3. the clash
4. elliott smith
5. piebald
6. the unicorns
7. les savy fav

[Fave food(s)]: taco stand quesidilla, candy, cookies
[Fave color(s)]: sparkle, rainbow, purple
[Fave movie(s)]: hedwig, napoleon, donnie, amelie, and BANDITS
[Fave Animal(s)]: penguins and monkeys
[Fave Holiday(s)]: st. patrick's day fo sho
[Fave T.V. Show(s)]: the oc, best week ever, conan o'brien
Fave Actor]: oh la la Mr. Depp
[Fave Actress]: mad Samaire Armstrong love
[Hottest Guy/Girl]: Samaire and ermh Johnnay
[Fave band]: denali? denali. denali! denali... denali?! DENALI.
[Fave Hangout]: downtown, hugh's, bowling alley, 40 watt
[Fave sport(s)]: frisbee, soccer, fun with guns (haha), oh and dancing
[Are you in a relationship right now]: WHERE IS WINSTON?! who knows.
[Pepsi or Coke]: COKE GOOD GOD
[Beach or Snow]: i've had both at once
[Rainy or Sunny]: at the same time
[Square or Circle]: triangle
[Dark or Bright]: briiiiight

DO YOU...?
[Have a best friend, if so who]: margaret mary... i have many others... ian, hugh, will, runala, cayla, anne, maressa
[Speak another language]: spanish, latin, french, german
[Drive]: no. steal cars? yes.
[Have a car]: barbie speed car. pink!

[Who have you known the longest right now]: oh oh winston or joe...
[Who do you talk to online the most]: ian
[Who do you talk to on the phone most]: margaret mary
[Who do you trust the most]: margaret mary
[Who listens to your problems]: livejournal. (what problems...?)
[Who do you fight with the most]: "YOU CAN SHUT UP QUENTIN" and then I get in fist fights with Alden and Quentin
[Who is the shyest]: savannah? margaret used to be. OH I KNOW! winnie...
[Who is the nicest]: aww tinsley.
[Who is the sweetest]: euuhhhmmm
[Who is the funniest]: runala, will...?
[Who is the most outgoing]: oh meee... macy, margaret, ian, god they all are...
[Who is the smartest]: sterling boy genius?
[Who is the ditziest]: sarah grace "valid victorian? valedictorian, ohhhh..."
[Who is the best singer]: runala... and i.

[cussed someone out]: ferris
[stayed up for 24 hours]: meh
[gotten drunk]: sorta
[gone a day w/out eating]: sure
[talked on the phone all night]: yeah except replace phone with internet
[been in bed w/the opposite sex]: gah all the time
[smoked]: not cigarettes
[made prank calls]: often. "can i stay with you sophia?"
[slept all day]: yes in a pile of drool.
[been out of the country]: often.
[told a guy/ girl you loved them]: yeah
[if yes, did you mean it]: sorta, well yeah
[gone skinny dipping]: in my bathtub
[kissed someone you didn't know]: yes. on new years in new york city.
[thought you were going crazy]: ummm...
[threatened someone]: I'LL JUMP YOU AFTER SCHOOL
[done anything sexual with a member of the same sex]: SAME sex? oh. then no.
[asked out a member of the opposite sex]: naw.

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