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Used to be one of the rotten ones and I liked you for that.


I'm shocked, and I am sure you are as well, but I have no pictures from the grand weekend!


Little Kings, 6-10.
Cocktail partay.
A bunch of old people that said "Last time I saw you, you were in diapers" and "I could tell you crazy stories about your mom..."
COOL, old people.
Mills was there (yeah, Mike Mills, be impressed.)
The old people told my mom I was their favorite.
Met this dope girl named Micah, my new bff.
Sterling was there. Ha ha ha.
Cathy, queen of London, was there. Margaret would have loved her.
Met a girl named Rachel, Lauren's friend with a fro. She was fantastic.
Mark Klein (Brenda B. Brenda the B stands for Brenda...) was there and a bunch of other people. Like Armstead and Parks.
This shady kid named Jack, whom we decided to call Elroy, was also there, in a trenchcoat that concealed several weapons.
Curtis and Diane were there, but not Stacy or Eva.
Jack's sister, who looked like Eva Amurri, was there.
Jenna and Jonathan were there!!
I went to fetch Uncy Mark and Dan, who were eating at Dan. They said "She's just the coolest girl in town."
Ate at Wendy's with Jessica.

40 Watt, 10:30-2:30.
Oh-OK and Pylon played.     !!!
Saw a bunch of people, don't exactly remember all of their names.
Lost my mother in between Oh-OK and Pylon, freaked out and assumed she abandoned me.
Hung out with my friend's parents (Betty Alice, Delores and Ben, Blair...)
Met myself in 5 years. Her name is Eva Hannen. The coolest girl, like, ever. But she reminded me of... myself...
After standing outside with Mark, Jack, and Dan, Pylon went on so I ran inside and found Mother and started dancing with Jessica.
Carson showed up! So we danced danced danced. I love Carson. He would so be mine if it weren't for his girlfriend Katie... Anne's best friend...
Found Sterling and got him to dance with Carson and I.
Jack showed up, so we surrounded him and his angsty poses and face, and started dancing. Oh, ha ha.
Carson and I discussed many things, including the drunkness of our mothers.
Stayed a little after Carson left and danced, chatted with folk...
Did not go to Curtis's pool party that I threw at his house.
Came home, passed out after a bit of Kahlua to soothe my throat.



Art opening, 5-7.
Didn't go, and I knew I should have... Winston was there.

Downtown, 9-10:30.
Talking to Nikki, Sam Seawright, Brenda B., others.
Ate at Clocked with Lamar, Jessica, Teresa, Tim, and Mother.
Walked down to the 40 Watt at 10:30 with Teresa.

40 Watt, 10:30-2:30.
Played pool with Jack and Sterling...
Wandered around, talked to everyone.
Found mother, Time Toy went on at 11.
Talked to Robert.
Walked around with Sterling.
Was standing outside with Mother, Sterling, and some other cats at midnight... Winston showed up with his father...



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